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Can you imagine losing your father suddenly while your husband was battling a rare form of brain cancer? Then, 6 months later, your husband loses his heroic fight. You are left to raise and keep the memory of your husband and father alive for your young daughter.

We gave our dear friend a box first for her father, and then for her husband. We presented their family with a powerful way to treasure and reflect back on the memory of her father, and now her husband, for years to come

The In Loving Memory Box was a blessing that is hard to put into words. Our friend is cherishing them to help her family grieve. They hold the memories of both her father and her husband and how they touched so many lives.

They will help her daughter keep the memory of her “Daddy” alive.

We are praying for her and her daughter as they learn to navigate life without her husband’s physical presence. They miss him so much.

I have tears in my eyes writing this testimonial- from both being mournful for their family, but also for being fortunate enough to reconnect with you, Kelly.

It was fate I ran into you again and then discovered what you are doing for others with The In Loving Memory Box.

Thank you so very much!

Sherri Swain and Family

For the first time in a year my heart was ready to read all of the memory cards from Damian’s memorial. My house is quiet this afternoon and I sat in his office and read through each one including the card you wrote about his wit and charm. I thank you so much for the memory boxes, the cards and The notes that I will always treasure as will my kids. Thank you for this incredible gift.

Michelle Jones

The Box came in PERFECT CONDITION  & so beautifully packaged. What a perfectly fabulous way to keep the precious memories of Michael & our wonderful life together. Even to mark those special dates to come without him. The box itself is beautiful . I love its elegance & simplicity.
I will love sharing this idea with others & with Pacific View where Michael will be interred. 
There is such a place & frankly need for what you do. I pray great success for your business venture. PLUS you are a delightfully lovely lady to talk with . Wish we could meet!

Sheron Mersch

Kelly- I wish you could have seen her face and the tears when I shared The Box with my friend today! It’s the most meaningful gift I have ever given. THANK YOU!

Kim Hildebrand

Kelly- I wanted to let you know that a dear friend lost their youngest daughter two days ago in a car accident. The memory box was the brightest part of their day today. Their daughter will be buried this Wednesday. I just want you to know that you're doing gods work and thank you for following through with this idea. It really does make a difference. God bless you.

Patrick McCarthy

The family's pastor did a great job reading the script and every person in the room took advantage of the opportunity to write down a memory. At the conclusion of the service this pastor came up to me and said that this was the best memorial service that he had conducted in years…
He then followed that with… If anyone ever asks me where to go
when they want a memorial service done right I will send them to you as long as you are offering the In Loving Memory Box… This is what a memorial service should look like…Memories!!!!!”- 

Adam Mills, Managing Partner, Johnson-Gloschat Funeral Home

Judy- Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and the precious Memory Box! Those memories will mean so much to Johnny and Lexi. They will mean even more to them in the future when they look back and think about the difference Carolyn made the the world.

Carol McBrien

It's been two months since the service. I called the family to see how they were doing and to find out if they had gone through their Memory Box yet. Laura said they hadn't. I said, "If you don't mind my asking, why haven't you looked through the memories yet?" She said, "we are going to read through all of it on Christmas morning.''It is the only thing under our tree this year.''The whole family is coming and we are celebrating our mom by reading through the box." That pretty much says it all. So beautiful.

Troy Ruda, Funeral Director