Memorial service take away solid pewter hearts 100 per set

In Loving Memory Heart Tokens

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In loving memory heart tokens in box

100 Solid Pewter Heart Tokens

The perfect complement to an In Loving Memory Box Memorial Service-

The best memorial services are actually celebrations of life. They engage the people in attendance to remember and be moved by the story of the person who has died. These solid pewter hearts are a wonderful; funeral, memorial service, celebration of life, takeaway. As a remembrance of the person who has died, each person in attendance writes a memory and takes a heart. These beautiful little trinkets will live in their wallet, pocket, jewelry box or dresser top. They are a forever reminder of a person who is now gone. 

  • 100 solid pewter heart tokens 
  • An instruction card - to be placed next to the hearts at the service

Pewter is a semiprecious metal that will never tarnish and has a warm patina that only grows more beautiful with time. Unlike perishable items like m&m's and flower seeds- sometimes given away at memorial services, these pewter tokens will last forever.

Heart tokens in token bowl with token card

Having a child or family member distribute the hearts is the best way to be sure everyone leaves with a heart token.

Child distributing In loving memory heart tokens

 If hearts are left over they can be made into jewelry or added to a keychain. 

Heart token on necklace

Our solid pewter Heart Token Bowl is the perfect way to distribute the In Loving Memory Heart Tokens at services. We designed this bowl with a standing heart in the center- so once the Heart Tokens are distributed- this beautiful bowl never feels empty.  Heart Token Bowl Sold Separately.Token bowl with heart tokens