In Loving Memory Box

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The In Loving Memory Box  is the best place to keep treasures and memories representing a loved one. It is the perfect gift for grieving friends or family. It will last a lifetime and will be cherished. It comes with everything listed below.

A beautifully crafted wood keepsake box with a 4x6 photo frame in the front, the perfect size to hold mementos and memories.

25 elegant 5x7 cards to write favorite memories. An organza pouch to keep jewelry or other valuables. A hand poured soy candle, 55 hours of burn time, scent- tranquility©  (a custom formulated clean essential oil fragrance of bamboo, jasmine, green tea). 

5 x 7 My Favorite Memory Cards

Other items that may be kept here; photos, jewelry, wallet, keys, phone, recipes, pipe, perfume, music cd, etc. The Items that will represent a loved one will be completely unique, will represent all the senses and will become a powerful addition to any family history. 

Items that go in the In Loving Memory Box for him and her

Honor them here. Visit them here. Remember them here.

The Details: The In Loving Memory Box finish is satin black or satin white with a polished silver metal heart above the 4x6 photo frame in the front. The lid has a two sided window where additional images may be added. The lid has a heavy duty polished silver hinge. The overall style is elegant and meant to compliment all decors. It is 9" tall by 7" wide and 7" deep. 

The soy candle has a soothing fresh scent (tranquility©) Each candle is hand poured with the highest quality soy wax. 55 hours of expected burn time and made in the USA. 

The stationery is thick archival quality card stock with silver foil printing that says "My Favorite Memory". Each card is 5" x 7" with rounded corners. 

The Mementos Pouch is a beautiful organza pouch to safely keep valuables like jewelry, rare coins, religious or service medals etc.

The booklet that comes with each box describes what may be kept inside and explains the power of writing memories and gathering legacy items to help in the mourning and healing process after the loss of a loved one.