In Loving Memory Box with candle stationer sheets memento and treasure pouches

In Loving Memory Box with Candle

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When someone you love dies, what can you send that will be the one thing that lasts and will be cherished?

If it is your loved one who has died and you are planning the service, how can you be sure to capture their legacy with so many distractions and details to consider?

The In Loving Memory Box is the best way to collect memories at your memorial service and keep them once services are complete. It is easy to do and everything you need is included.

But- it is so much more than that. Additional remembrances, photos and memorabilia of your loved one should also be kept here. It is like a treasure chest of the person you have lost. It comes with everything you see here:

  • Black wood box with a 4x6 photo frame in the front and two sided photo frame in the lid.
  • 100 "my favorite memory" cards, (bright white archival quality paper stock printed with metallic ink)
  • Luxury soy candle, 55 hours burn time (burn again on one year anniversary)
  • Organza pouch to keep jewelry or other valuables inside your Memory Box
  • Velvet pouch to place precious items to bury or cremate with your loved one
  • All of this comes in a beautiful rigid gift box that will give you a place to keep additional items once everything is unpacked.
  • Instructions/Scripts for implementation at memorial services

The In Loving Memory Box is beautifully crafted. The finish is satin black with a polished silver metal heart above the 4x6 photo frame in the front. The lid has a two sided window where additional images can be added. The lid has a heavy duty polished silver hinge. The overall style is elegant and meant to compliment all decors. It is 9" tall by 7" wide and 7" deep. The perfect size for your bookshelf.

In Loving Memory Box with candles at service

Open your service with each family member lighting a candle in your loved one's honor. Candle lighting ceremonies add a powerful element of interaction and symbolism to your service. Your box will come with one candle, additional candles can be purchased separately. In Loving Memory Boxes decorated with photos

Customize your Memory Box with anything that represents your loved one. Whether it is a ribbon, pearls, fly fishing lures, their favorite sports team or their favorite color. (See examples of customized boxes in our blog.)Items that go in the In Loving Memory Box for him and her

The Items that will represent your loved one are completely unique and will become a powerful addition to any family history. 

Filled out stationery from a memorial service

100 stationery sheets come with each In Loving Memory Box. Easy to write on, heavy, archival quality, bright white writing stock. Additional packs of stationery sold separately.