Our Story

Why we created The In Loving Memory Box-

"Honestly, the best ideas come when you realize that something should exist, and when you look for it- it doesn't." - K. Marshall

Our founder, Kelly Marshall, lost her father, Charles Andrews, when she was 12 years old. He was lost at sea. His sailboat was discovered adrift off the Florida Keys. His body was never found. By the time the family came to terms with the fact that he was never coming back, most of his belongings were gone. She had no physical items to remember him by.

At the age of 31, she lost a child at birth due to an inoperable heart malformation. She held her son Gabriel Charles Marshall in her arms until he died. 

In 2007 one of her close friends died suddenly. The idea of The In Loving Memory Box came to her immediately. When she looked for something like it, she couldn't find anything. She made one for the service and personally collected memories from everyone there. With a background in design and advertising, she had the skills necessary to make this idea a reality. The rest is history. Our history. 

Struggling to come to terms with loss is an emotion that connects us all as human beings.

We make movies about it, (almost EVERY Disney movie), we write songs about it, we build impressive structures to honor it, but often, we don't talk about it. When someone dies, people don't know what to say or do. If we want to contribute to a beautiful and powerful memorial service, we don't know what to send.

So - we send flowers. 

What if - we could send something that will be THE ONE THING that lasts.

Something that families will want to revisit. Something that future generations will cherish. 

If a person touched your life, if you loved them, if they are part of your history or your future - their life deserves to be remembered. Future generations deserve the opportunity to "experience" who this person was as well. 

All of this is why we are so passionate about: The In Loving Memory Box.

Lastly, we are glad you've found us.

It is a big world out there and the best products and services are not always the easiest to find. We hope that our products bring a bright spot in your darkest hours. We would love to hear your story and hear how The In Loving Memory Box becomes part of your grief journey and family legacy.

Please share our site with others, someone is looking for this idea right now!

Dad/daughter lunch, first grade, Kelly and Chuck Andrews.