How to do this?- It's Easy

We give you everything you need to make the In Loving Memory Box a powerful part of your service or memorial.

We ship Mon-Sat (Sat until 1pm) Fed Ex. We will get your order there in time. Choose your appropriate shipping method at check out. 

    Here are the Steps:

    1. Order an In Loving Memory Box & Choose Appropriate Shipping- We will have it there in time for a funeral or memorial service.
    2. Send The Provided Email Script (a few days before the service)- People will come to the service with; photos, letters, and more. Others will simply come prepared to participate.
    3. Hand Out The Cards- Give each person 2 stationery cards and a pen. You can do this as they enter, or place them at each seat in advance.
    4. Read The Provided In Loving Memory Service Script- A family member, clergy member or funeral director reads the script provided- requesting that people take a moment and write memories.
    5. Collect Cards- Have the In Loving Memory Box there, have everyone walk forward and drop their memories in the box.
    6. Add Personal Items- Make this box a time capsule by adding their wallet, id, glasses, photos, jewelry, music cd, perfume, anything that represents "them".
    7. Keep it- This box is designed to- not be too big or too small- it's just right. It fits perfectly on a bookshelf, mantle, dresser top, etc. and it holds just enough treasures and memories to represent a loved one for generations to come. 
    8.  Our Complete Instruction Booklet- will come with your order. It covers all this information and more. 
    Order The In Loving Memory Box
      The kit includes:
      • The In Loving Memory Box
      • 100 stationery cards
      • Email script
      • A script to read at the service or memorial
      • A candle to burn next to the box during your service
      • 2 organza pouches for valuables.