In Loving Memory Box - Memorial Service Kit

In Loving Memory Box - Memorial Service Kit

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If you have lost a loved one and are planning a service or celebration of life, how can you be sure to capture memories that will become a beautiful and powerful representation of them? How they impacted and touched people? How can you gather this information and capture it as part of their legacy and your family history?

The In Loving Memory Box Memorial Service Kit. 

Everything you need to collect memories on behalf of your loved one comes in this kit. The In Loving Memory Box is an elegant and safe place to keep those memories along with other valuables and remembrances of your loved one. Make the most of your service, it is easy and everything you need is included.

The In Loving Memory Box Service Kit comes with everything you see here- 


In Loving Memory Box with a 4x6 photo frame in the front and two sided photo frame in the lid. Available it black or white.

100 "my favorite memory" cards, (bright white archival quality paper stock printed with metallic ink).

The In Loving Memory Candle- made of the highest quality soy wax, 55 hours of burn time, tranquility scent (jasmine, bamboo and green tea) in clear heavy bottom glass, made in the USA. Burn at your service, burn when you think of them, burn on the one year anniversary of their death.

Organza pouch to keep jewelry or other valuables inside your Memory Box.

Additional Velvet pouch to place precious items to bury or cremate with your loved one.

Welcome to our Memory Service Instruction card to set up next to your In Loving Memory Box so guests will know how to participate.

All of this comes in a beautiful rigid gift box that will give you a place to keep additional items.

Instructions, how to tips, what to say to get everyone to participate at your service, how to give advanced notice so people arrive at your service with photos and ideas about what memories they will share. Everything you need to know to hold a powerful memorial service is in this booklet. 

Everything that will be kept in the In Loving Memory Box

The Items that will represent your loved one are completely unique and will become a powerful addition to any family history.

Honor them here. Visit them here. Remember them here.

The Details- The In Loving Memory Box is beautifully crafted. The finish is satin black or white with a polished silver metal heart above the 4x6 photo frame in the front. The lid has a two sided window where additional images can be added. The lid has a heavy duty polished silver hinge. The overall style is elegant and meant to compliment all decors. It is 9" tall by 7" wide and 7" deep. The perfect size for your bookshelf.